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Rollalong Ltd is the South’s largest offsite design and build contractor, with over 50 years of experience in delivery of quality and bespoke buildings.

Rollalong is a market leader, in the South West of England, in design, production and installation of modular housing for the social and affordable residential market.


Our Partners

Committed to building the right homes to the right quality in the right place, Magna has selected Rollalong to help drive our quality agenda. Magna has procured Rollalong via an OJEU compliant framework via LHC (South West Procurement Alliance).

Dorset Council, acting as the Local Planning Authority is working with the Magna/Rollalong Team to devise a ‘pattern book’ to help integrate factory build processes into the planning process.

Complex Asset Management Solutions are working with Magna Housing to account for the whole life cost benefits of reliable quality housing within our portfolio.

The National Housing Federation (NHF) have been consulting with housing associations and stakeholders across the country to launch the shared ownership campaign and raise awareness. Magna Housing are pleased to be part of this new venture.

Modern Methods of Construction

Modular construction delivers value for money, quality and a fast-track build programme.

The robust and attractive designs are suitable for all types of accommodation, up to 7-storeys. The perfect solution when a high degree of volume and repeatability is required.

Each project is manufactured to exacting standards in factory conditions.

Efficiency standard 220x 100
House Arrangement 220x 100
House Type 220x 100
Internal Floor space 220x 100
Manufacture capacity 220x 100
Total Site time 220x 100
Number of Rooms 220x 100
On site module assembly 220x 100
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We build homes for you across Dorset and Somerset.